Oceania Community Health is a Hawai’i based Non-Profit Organization dedicated to improving the health of island communities throughout the Pacific.

To empower island communities to cultivate the wide determinants of their island’s health. These determinants include health care, culture, environment, economics and education.

To help island communities make measured and sustained improvements in their health and inspire a greater awareness of health throughout the Pacific.

These goals would be achieved by integrating with existing systems and providing the means for communities to identify and carry out culturally sensitive projects focused on:

  1. prevention and health promotion
  2. activities to promote culture
  3. strengthening the existing educational system as well as offering new community training programs
  4. environmental projects focused on island sanitation/infrastructure and environmental preservation
  5. conscientious development of economic resources
  6. the possible establishment of community health centers to provide a central location for the organization of activities and provision of care