Evaluation Tool

In order to assure that Oceania Community Health is fitting its mission, all projects are graded using an evalutaion. Grades for each project can be found in the project reports. “How grades are calculated.”

The Tool
Each completed project is graded using an evaluation tool. This tool helps ensure that Oceania Community Health is meeting its mission. The project is graded on 10 criteria on a scale from 1-5. The ten ratings are then totaled and multiplied by 2 to obtain the final grade. Therefore, lowest grade is a 20 and highest 100.
The Ten Criteria:

  1. Community Identified Need
  2. Culturally Sensitive
  3. Fosters Community Ownership (Buy-In)
  4. Empowers Community Control of Health
  5. Fits within the Health Existing System
  6. Cost
  7. Sustainablity
  8. Essential to Community Health
  9. Measurable Outcomes
  10. Fosters Collaboration (NGO/ Government/ Community Groups)