Ana Hiyane – President

Ana Hiyane was born and raised in Hawai’i and received a masters in business administration with a focus in nonprofit organizations. She currently works for Resort Management Group and is the daughter of Max Yarawamai. Ana enjoys paddling, sailing with the Polynesian Voyaging Society, and hiking with her dog Sancho. She has a passion for working with underserved communities and believes that Oceania Community Health can empower Micronesian and other Pacific peoples by giving them the resources and support to face today’s healthcare challenges.

Max Yarawamai – Vice President

Max Yarawamai moved from Ulithi Atoll in Yap, Micronesia to attend high school in Hawai’i in 1974. Since moving, Max has lived in Hawai’i, and currently resides on the Big Island. He is co-owner of Resort Management Group – a landscape construction and maintenance company. Despite not returning to his native Ulithi to live, Max has always tried to support the Micronesian community by helping his family and people in any way he can. Max sees Oceania Community Health as a way to a larger impact in helping the health of the region. In his traveling with the Polynesian Voyaging Society, Max understands that many Pacific communities are facing health and cultural challenges and hopes that Oceania Community Health will be able to work throughout the Pacific. Max is most proud of his family, his wife and two daughters.

Nainoa Thompson

Nainoa Thompson is currently the Program Director of the Polynesian Voyaging Society, leading a revival of the traditional voyaging arts in Hawai’i. Using his accomplishments of the past 30 years, he has developed multi-disciplined, culturally relevant educational programs in partnership with other educational institutions, organizations and agencies. Nainoa is a former chairman of the board of trustees for Kamehameha Schools, is a former member of the University of Hawai’i Board of Regents and current Special Advisor to the President on Hawaiian Affairs, and is on the Advisory Council of the Ocean Policy Institute. Nainoa has always had a special interest in the Pacific and would like to improve the overall health of the people.

Bruce Blankenfeld

Bruce Blankenfeld is a navigator for the Polynesian Voyaging Society. In addition to navigating, he plays an active role in the educational aspect of sailing. Bruce is also on the Board of Directors for the Pacific Marine Life Foundation. He has sailed and traveled all over the Pacific and shares a special interest in the health of Pacific communities. His leisure interests include outrigger paddling and coaching, surfing, growing taro, and playing with his grandkids.

Will Hancock

Will Hancock is a past member of the board of Trustees for Hawai’i Preparatory Academy and currently serves on the Will J Reid Foundation board. He has been interested in the people of the Pacific since first moving to Hawai’i in 1964. After spending 35 years working at the Hawai’i Preparatory Academy as the business manager, he is now Senior Advisor for Kanu o ka ʻĀina Learning ʻOhana and Lei Ho’olaha CDFI. Will has visited Yap and Ulithi Atoll several times and understands the role that Oceania Community Health could have in improving health in the Pacific.

Sam Ainslie

Sam Ainslie is currently the CEO of the Kelley Slater Wave Company. As an active member of the Hawai’i community, Sam feels an obligation to improve the health and quality of life of the Pacific. He hopes Oceania Community Health will be able to partner the resources of individuals and organizations to build a better heath and wellness program for the people of Oceania. In his free time, Sam enjoys golf, surfing, family activities and participating in his church.

Greg Warner

Greg Warner was raised in Hawai’i as a child on the islands of Moloka’i, Kaua’i, and the Big Island. He is now a well-known architect and Founding Partner of Walker-Warner Architects as well as an accomplished triathlete, completing over 20 triathlons. Greg frequently comes to Hawai’i and has always remained attuned to the issues of the Pacific. He believes OCH has a sound vision and purpose and was thrilled to design the dispensary that was built by OCH on Fatharai Island in Ulithi Atoll.

Reed Kishinami

Reed Kishinami is a current resident of Honolulu, Hawai’i where he has been an influential entrepreneur in the local community. Reed is a former member of the board of directors for the Mid-Pacific Institute and is involved in many community-based projects. Reed is now co-owner with Max Yarawamai of Resort Management Group – a landscape construction and maintenance company. Reed loves to play golf, watch local sports, and spend time with his family.