Ulithi Community Health Assessment

Ulithi Community Health Assessment

There has been no recent assessment of health in the outer island communities of Yap. Without a recent assessment it was impossible to identify what health issues need to be addressed. In addition, an assessment would provide a baseline from which future outcomes could be measured.

What we did to help
Using a health survey developed by the Yap State Department of Health Services we conducted a study on Ulithi Atoll covering the two islands of Fatharai and Mogmog. This data will provide an example of health conditions in the outer islands of Yap. Some apparent health needs included- construction of a Health Dispensary on Fatharai Island, tobacco cessation, obesity and cervical cancer screening. Please see the Health Assessment Study Results (2mb PDF) for more detail.

Acrobat PDF format
The results are in the Acrobat PDF format. You will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file.

Completed Project Grade: 88%