Island Clean-Up

Island Clean-Up

Initiate an island clean-up with the community members aimed at improving the aesthetics, sanitation, pest and waste control on the islands. This will help to improve health by reducing the number of pest-carried diseases and infections due to poor sanitation. This project will also inspire pride in the beauty of the islands and help expand the tourist economy in the atoll.

Preparation in Hawai’i – Buy equipment unavailable in Micronesia (i.e. chainsaws, chipper, gardening tools). Consult with a solid waste expert for ideas on how best to address solid waste in the environment of Ulithi Atoll.

Project Action in Ulithi
With the island community’s input, we will identify clean-up areas on the four main islands. We will also attempt to eliminate all standing water on the small islands, reducing mosquito numbers. Finally, we will address each island’s solid waste issues with the help of the expert and community suggestions.

Maintenance in Ulithi
We will offer compensation to youth groups on each island for maintenance and upkeep of our work. Compensation will be in the form of scholarships, or amenities for the island such as sports equipment, boats, dive equipment, school books, etc. This will ensure that the impact of the initial clean-up is long-lasting. Compensations will also be given out to the island deemed to have been the best maintained over the past year. This may help to instill yet more pride within the islands.