Diabetes Study

Diabetes Study

Project will attempt to identify the scope of diabetes on Ulithi Atoll. This information will be used to help educate the people of Ulithi Atoll about the risks of diabetes and how to prevent and treat it. It would also help establish a baseline upon which the progress of diabetes prevention/treatment can be measured.

Investigate the diabetes literature on similar diabetes projects and identify what would be most successful in Ulithi Atoll.

Identify experts
Identify experts in Hawai’i who could help design and implement all aspects of the program: screening/education and prevent/treatment.

Ulithians in Hawai’i
Involve members of the Ulithian community in Hawai’i in the design and implementation of the Hawai’i-side of the project.

Screen the adult population of Ulithi Atoll (approx 700) for Diabetes and glucose intolerance. This would be done with volunteers from Hawai’i as well as members of the Ulithian community trained in diabetes screening.

Glucometers would be purchased/donated in Hawai’i to be used in screening. The glucometers would be left to those members of the community who needed them. Extra glucometers would be saved to be used in future screening projects elsewhere.

Results of the screening would be documented on a population basis and all numbers would be anonymous. Individuals with abnormal screening results would be notified privately at the time of screening and offered education and treatment possibilities. All the results of the screening will be shared with the community in the form of discussions and handouts.

Education sessions would be performed with the help of experts from Hawai’i and members of the Ulithian community. These sessions would be formal and informal and take place on each of the islands of the atoll.

The training of Ulithian diabetes educators is an important part of the project. These individuals would be essential in making a lasting impact. They would be trained in the essentials of proper diet, foot care, blood sugar monitoring as well as the pathophysiology of the disease. Of course this training would stress changes that are possible in the setting of Ulithi (economic, cultural and physical). We would like to train at least one educator for each of the islands of the atoll.

This project will be carried out by members of the Ulithian community both in Hawai’i and in Micronesia, diabetes educators/experts, and volunteer help from students in medicine, nursing, social work and public health.