Community Support

We have been fortunate to be welcomed by the communities of Yap. We hope this will be a partnership that will continue to grow for many years.

Some letters of support have included:

“Because for the past 58 years since the termination of the US Naval Medical services on our islands, we have been praying and longing for good medical services…We welcome you to Ulithi” -Chief Phillip Yatch, Chairman of the Council of Ten Traditional Clans, April 11, 2003

“In realizing that the services of Oceania Community Health is a step towards health improvement of our people, we the members of [the Council of Tamol] have endorsed the program and pledged full support in order to ensure its successful implementation.” -Ignathio Hapthey, Chairman of the Council of Tamol, April 2, 2003

“One of our objectives is to develop and improve the State’s health care institution through physical facility improvement, medical personnel training, and wider awareness and education about important health issues and the values of a healthy population. I believe Oceania Community Health will contribute tremendously towards helping us realize these objectives.” -Robert Ruecho, Yap State Governor, April 11, 2003

“I am convinced that Oceania Community Health could be effective and efficient support organization for the existing services at both the national and state levels, thus this administration supports your efforts.”- Joseph Urusemal, President of the Federated States of Micronesia, May 6, 2004

“I want to thank Oceania Community Health for the support you have given the Yap Area Health Education Center (Yap AHEC) and the Yap Department of Health Services over the past year… I also appreciate your willingness to come to Yap to collaborate with our AHEC and health services staff to support training, community assessments and dispensary development in the Outer Islands of Yap State.”- Dr. A. Mark Durand Director of Yap State Department of Health Services and Yap Area Health Education Center, October,6 2005