Community Assistance

Providing the Tools to Rebuild an Island’s Health

Our current project is to help the island community of Fatharai on Ulithi Atoll rebuild its health dispensary that was recent destroyed in a typhoon. We are working closely with the community, the Yap State Health Department and island health professionals to create a structure that is culturally appropriate and capable of serving the community now and in the future. Visit the Health Dispensary Project.

Making Sustainable Health Improvements through Education
At the request of the Yap Department of Health Services Director, we gave a course in “Life Support in Obstetrics” to the Yap medical and midwifery staff. We also have provided community instructors for ongoing training of community health providers through the Yap Area Health Education Center. Visit the Professional Training Project.

Giving the Community the Power to Train Itself
We have been working with the Yap Area Health Education Center to provide needed text books and materials that are being used to train the community’s health professionals. We are excited to support this community driven effort to improve the care provided in Yap as the majority of the training has come from within the community itself. Visit the Medical Education Materials Project.

Reading towards Better Health
In November 2004, we donated approximately 250 books to the Ulithi Outer Islands High School library. These books were donated by members of the Hawai’i community to help strengthen reading in the atoll by making lasting improvements in the library. Visit the Library Project.

Encouraging Existing Community Efforts to Achieve Health
We have been able to deliver needed medical supplies such as a cardiac defibrillator, blood analyzer and assorted medical supplies to Yap Memorial Hospital. These supplies have been generously donated by Queens Medical Center and Wahiawa General Hospital in Hawai’i. Visit the Medical Supplies Project.

Promoting the Health of Future Generations
We provided community care packages to the children of each island of Ulithi Atoll. Our visiting physicians also helped perform needed school physicals for head start children in Yap. Visit the Child Health Project.