People of Oceania

About Oceania
Oceania is a geographic term describing the many islands of the South Pacific. These island groups include Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia and Australia. Their histories share great navigational feats, beautiful arts and dance and sophisticated social structures. The people of Oceania experienced great social political and economic change during the 20th century. The 21st century brings the people of Oceania new challenges in maintaining their health, cultural identity and island environments. Although Oceania Community Health will attempt to address the health of many Pacific communities, the initial work will focus on Micronesia. A pilot project was launched on Ulithi Atoll in 2003.

map of the federated states of micronesia

The Micronesian Community
The Micronesian community is facing significant health challenges. After World War II, the islands were placed under the trusteeship of the United States by the UN. During this trusteeship a health and educational system modeled on the US was established. Unfortunately, these systems required significant external resources to remain sustainable. With the recent reduction in US financial support, these systems have deteriorated. Oceania Community Health is committed to working with the Micronesian community to promote transformation to a sustainable health system. This will be achieved by facilitating projects that are community identified and driven, thus inspiring communities to take control of their own health.

Looking for more information?
For more information – Please visit this excellent website on Ulithi constructed by Pacific Resources for Education and Learning and Towson University.