Ciguatera Fish Poison Study

Ciguatera Fish Poison Study

Ciguatera fish poisoning is a common problem throughout the oceans of the world. Unfortunately it is a disease with no real effective treatment, thus making prevention paramount. The best form of prevention is not eating fish that have the toxin, however this can be problematic when fish is the main protein source as it is on Ulithi Atoll

What we did to help
We added to the local knowledge of Ciguatera Fish poisoning through discussions and providing visual reading material to the people of Ulithi Atoll. In addition we surveyed the levels of ciguatera using test kits supplied by the Dr. Hokama from the University of Hawai’i. This information has been used to create a database that will help the people identify which fish types and locations of the atoll have the highest rates of ciguatera. This on going project will help the people of Ulithi Atoll prevent ciguatera fish poisoning in the future. To view the results of the project, please visit the Ciguatera Study Results (200k PDF).

Acrobat PDF format
The results are in the Acrobat PDF format. You will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file.

Completed Project Grade: 66%