Building Health Care Capacity: Training Community Health Assistants

Building Health Care Capacity: Training Community Health Assistants

Because of their scattered geography, the Outer islands of Yap have inherent difficulties in accessing health care. To deliver health to these isolated communities, the Yap State Health Department created a system of community health dispensaries. Each dispensary is operated by a member of the community trained in basic health care. Unfortunately, these health providers have very few opportunities to get additional training to better serve their community.

What we did to help
In the summer of 2005, we collaborated with the Yap Area Health Education Center (Yap AHEC) to offer on-site instructors to train these community health workers. The instructors selected were two Yapese physicians previously noted for their exceptional teaching skills. We felt it was essential to use qualified individuals from the Yap Community as this would help build the community’s capacity to educate itself in the future.

The courses to be provided include:
1) Review of Health Sciences
2) Health Problems in Adults
3) Introduction to Life, Society and Health
4) Maternal and Child Health I
5) Maternal and Child Health II
6) Health Problems in Children

By completing these courses the community health workers will be able to obtain a certificate degree as Health Assistants from the College of Micronesia and, more importantly, better serve their communities.

Completed Project Grade: 92%